Sunday, February 12, 2012

2 Weeks to USAs

USA's is 2 weeks away and I couldn't be more anxious, but in a good way.  I am excited to see how far I can throw when my body is peaked out.  In an effort to keep myself as fresh as possible, I will be in Carbondale for the next two weeks and won't be traveling back and forth to Chicago which should help my body out a lot.

This past weekend I threw at Iowa State University.  I always like throwing there because their ring is fast like ours in Carbondale.  I ended up throwing 24.35m this time out.  I really felt like I could have gotten over 80ft again but I feel like the day to do it would have been the day before.  Usually I lift hard on Sundays so that my body is recovered by Friday to throw my farthest but I threw on Saturday this week and I feel as though I was too recovered.  This is something that I will have to adjust for USA's since I throw Saturday there as well.

Since today is Sunday, I lifted weights this afternoon.  I can feel my body getting ready to peak because I am feeling the most powerful and explosive that I have felt this season so far.  I had my best clean workout of the season so far at 135kg.  Since being off for 3yrs my squats are still a little down from where they were when I was in college but was able to box squat 308kg today.  I have faith that they will get much better during outdoor season now that I can consistently lift weights with my coach in Carbondale.

March 1st marks day 1 of outdoor hammer throwing.  SIU is building a new outdoor track and field facility, so although the winter has been mild here, our old cage was torn down in the process so we have unable to go outside to throw.  I am very excited to finally get outside and start throwing hammer.  I probably won't open up until April so that gives me the entire month of March to adjust to throwing outdoors as well as getting into better overall physical hammer shape.

Well, its 7PM here now and I am on my way to go see the new Denzel Washington movie Safe House so that is all for now.

Thanks for reading!

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