Sunday, April 8, 2012

Wrong Direction

I competed this past weekend at SEMO since it is less than an hour away from Carbondale where I train.  I didn't throw very well needless to say.  I think what messed me up for this weekend was the fact that on that Monday, Ashley Duncan (Muffet) came down to throw shot with coach and Jeneva as she does every Monday, and we ended up having a discus duel.  Let's just say that I was confident I could compete, after not throwing discus in 4yrs, and I lost by about 20ft (170 to 150).  This I feel broke my confidence to the point that I didn't have anything left for the hammer this past Friday.  And thats a true story.

In all seriousness, coach and I feel like my body is getting a little fatigued and worn down from my lack of sleep where I'm not recovering in time to compete.  For those wondering, here is a run down of my weekly schedule so that you can see what I'm talking about.

550AM - Wake Up
6AM - 3PM Work from Carbondale
315PM - 530PM Lift

3:50AM - Wake Up
4AM - 1230PM - Work from Carbondale
1245PM - 3PM - Throw
4PM - 9PM - Take train to Chicago
9:15PM - 10PM Start my laundry, unpack, shower

315AM - Wake Up
330AM - Drive 45mn to work
4:30AM - 430PM - Work in the office
430PM - 515PM - Drive to CSU to practice
530PM - 730PM - Throw
8PM-9PM Eat and Shower

315AM - Wake Up
330AM - Drive 45mn to work
430AM - 1130AM - Work in the office
1130AM - 12:15PM - Drive to CSU to practice
1230PM - 2PM Throw
230PM - 315PM - Eat & Shower
330PM - Pack
445PM - 930PM - Take train to Carbondale

420AM - Wake Up
430AM - 10AM - Work from Carbondale
1030AM - 1PM - Throw

9AM - 930AM - Lift
Travel and/or Compete

Travel and/or Compete, or 2-a-day practice

So basically during the week I don't get to sleep much and on top of that I have to travel twice a week.  I will need to figure something out soon in order to make sure im rested enough for trials.

In the mean time.  I hope Ashley is ready for a rematch in a few weeks after I've got some practice throws in.


  1. GET SOME REST! But in the meantime, you have no reason to not be confident. You have been considered one of the best at what you do for a number of years now and the best is yet to come.
    Whether you believe you can, or you believe you cant. You are absolutely right!